Allergens in Your Home

Because Some Guests Will Never Be Welcome!
While steam cleaning is still relatively new in North America, steam cleaners have been around in Europe for more than 20 years. I’ll try to explain the fundamentals behind the technology and why cleaning with superheated vapor steam is much faster, better and efficient than traditional cleaning methods such as spraying chemicals on everything and wiping the excess with a cloth. Whether it's your home or place of business, some guests or patrons should never be welcome!

National Multi Steam Explains How Steam Cleaning Works

The principle is quite simple, a powerful jet of exceptionally hot and dry steam comes out of a hose connected to a steam machine. We say dry, because overheated steam contains only 5% water, making the cleaning process mess free. Many accessories, brushes and attachments are usually connected on the hose to accomplish various cleaning tasks. The steam itself, reaching over 300º F, is the cleaning agent. This amazing process not only destroys the grime you see, but the harmful bacteria and living organisms you don't. Bed bugs and dust mites don't stand a chance against high consistant heat that we create.

Few people nowadays have not seen a television programme about house dust mites. Newspapers are full of advertisements for things which are supposed to help you get rid of them and the nasty dust they leave all over your house. House dust mites are tiny (up to 0.3 mm) animals related to ticks and spiders and live in your housedust. There is not a house without them, but some houses contain huge numbers and other houses contain almost none. This does not only depend on cleanliness, but depends very much on the amount of moisture in the house; dry houses in very cold climates or on high mountains have few mites, but houses in temperate climates and normal altitudes have more. House dust mites eat the dust which comes from our skin all the time. They leave droppings everywhere they go. Their droppings contain left-over enzymes which the mites use to digest the skin dust. It is these enzymes which are the most important part of mite dust in causing asthma and other allergic diseases.

In fact, house dust mites and their droppings are the most important cause of asthma worldwide.

The battle is on with National Multi Steam! Steam can be safely applied to virtually any surface when using the right technique. On contact, steam will dislodge dirt, greases and grime. If the user is using a cloth clipped on the steam cleaner attachment, he will automatically extract the melted dirt or stain with the cloth. It is possible to scrub with steam to remove the hardest residue which would normally be almost impossible to clean. It is important to understand that every object, surface or material is not perfectly smooth. Under magnification, you discover porous surfaces that attract dirt within their tiny pores. Superheated steam, because of its very high temperature, will penetrate all holes, effectively removing embedded dirt in these pores and killing germs, mold, bacteria and microorganisms like allergens and dust mites. All this is done without any supermarket cleaning products (chemicals), all using only normal tap water! That’s why we say that steam cleaning is excellent for people who are affected by chemical residues or for allergy sufferers. The lack of toxic residues in your house can be a huge health benefit, especially if you have children, sick adults or pets present. Steam is also a government recommended way to get rid of bed bugs!

Other advantages provided by a good steam cleaner are the sanitizing and deodorizing properties of superheated steam. We found out in many tests that steam was more efficient in removing the strongest smells, like smoke and urine, than any other common chemical. No wonder a steam cleaner can literally do magic when disinfecting your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Can you mix or add chemicals in your steam cleaner to get a more efficient cleaning?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Don’t put anything else in your steam cleaner. At National Multi Steam we’ve tested so many cleaning methods and usually advocate using steam only; as it will deeply clean almost everything. We do recognize that in certain heavy duty situations, spraying a soft, ecological cleaning agent directly on the surface before using your steam cleaner can enhances the cleaning properties of your natural soap.